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Dating in Retirement
Written By : Andrew Hallinan 
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Choosing a retirement home can be a rewarding experience. With the freedom retirement brings you have many living options available to you in Florida. For many, retirement is just the beginning of a great social life not the end of one, and if you are looking for that special person with whom to spend those golden years then there are many opportunities provided by your resort of club community. One need not live out their days lonely and in despair out of fear of starting over with the opposite sex.

Contrary to what many believe, retirees are one of the most active age groups in the United States and increasingly so. The truth is, dating hasn't change that much in the past 5000 years. At the heart it revolves around genuine social interaction and true interest in another person. If these are your goals then you will find what you are looking for. There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for this new venture should you choose to embark on the journey. Here is a list:

Care for your appearance. First impressions are important and allow the conversation to go further. Make sure to pay attention to your clothing and personal hygiene. Make sure to look people in the eye and smile as that expresses direct interest. If you need to lose some pounds that you put on over the last few years choose an diet and exercise regimen that is appropriate.

When you are interacting socially, remember that people can smell a fake. If you are disingenuous about who you are or your intentions people will figure it out. Genuine interest in another person is vital. Attempt to listen more than you talk and ask questions about the other person that stimulates conversation. Yes and no questions are not the best as they don't provide other options for dialog.

If there are clubs or organizations that you like that you can join, that will help in meeting a person with like interests. Clubs and organizations are great places as it often provides you with conversation pieces and content since you are participating with like minded people.

Put your best foot forward in retirement and if you are looking to meet the special person have a positive outlook because the best years of your life are just around the corner. 

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