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Deal with Allergy Headaches
Written By : Cindy Heller 
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Did you know that your seasonal allergy may be causing you headaches? There's a lot of people suffering from allergy headaches and they don't know the real cause for it. They usually appear when a person has an allergy episode, especially in the spring and when the weather changes. They hurt a lot, because the allergy provokes an inflammation on the sinus area and the pressure is very painful. However, regular OTC medicine for the pain such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen is useless, since an allergy headache has not the same causes as a migraine.

What's an allergy headache and what's a migraine?

Most people don't know the difference between a migraine and an allergy headache. Pay attention if you have the following symptoms after you eat or drink something: headache, breathing problems, hives, swelling or problem to breath run to the doctor! You're having a severe allergic reaction to something you've just eaten.

Even people who usually have allergies in the Spring, called seasonal allergies, may suffer from allergy headaches as well. The main differences an allergy headache and a migraine have are the symptoms. A migraine causes a painful, intense headache, usually in just one part of the head. If the migraine is severe it may cause sensibility to light and sound, last several hours or even a day or two and sometimes people who suffer from it vomit or feel dizzy. Regular medicine is not enough to stop the pain.

On the other hand, allergy headaches are caused by the allergy itself, therefore, by the element that causes the allergy. If your head aches when the season or the weather change and you're allergic (sometimes, you're allergic and don't know it) then you're having an allergy headache. Since they're caused by the allergy itself, an OTC painkiller won't do the trick. Try an allergy reliever instead.

Ways to deal with an allergy headache

Try to discover what element or elements are causing your allergy. If you think it may be caused by food, see your physician immediately since food allergies can be deathly. If your allergy is due to seasonal changes, then you can just find relief in an over the counter allergy medicine.

Allergy headaches are quite common and having some allergy relief medication in your medicine cabinet will ward off your allergy headaches. If you can't make your allergy headaches go away, don't hesitate to ask your doctor and she will order any exams you need to find out what's causing your headaches.

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