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Feeling Tired - What to Look For
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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You may be wondering why you are always feeling tired. This is one of the most common complaints that the doctors get to hear. There can be numerous reasons behind being constantly tired. The routines, habits and nutrition are also found to contribute to this condition. However, modifying the lifestyle a little bit can help you in avoiding the tired feeling. Some among the important aspects that contributes to the constant feeling of tiredness are mentioned below.


You will be astonished to hear that too much sleep can also make you tired. If you are not indulging in physical activities, your bodily functions will be affected. This may lead to fatigue and exhaustion too.

You have to understand the concept of sleep cycles for realizing how important they are for avoiding the constant tired feeling. You have to time your sleep in such a way that your body will get enough time to refresh itself.

Diet and nutrition

Deficiencies of some vitamins and minerals can contribute to tiredness in a great way. The overall diet should be rich too. Lack of iron in the diet will result in a condition known as anemia that in turn results in malaise and exhaustion. Food items that are rich in sugar or fat content will also bring sluggishness. It is also found that not consuming enough food can also make your feel tired. In short, you have to pay great care in planning your diet so that you are consuming enough food but not too much. The diet should also be able to offer you required amounts of nutrients. You may also add mineral and vitamin supplements to your diet so that you can ensure that you are getting all the significant nutrients.


Most of you would be familiar with the term, caffeine. Caffeine has the ability to increase the heart rate so that you can stay alert. However, the exhaustion will get amplified when the caffeine wears off.

The energy drinks and coffee are believed to make your energetic, but the truth is that they are working against you. They are addictive in nature too.


Living a sedentary lifestyle can also make you feel always tired. The people whose jobs require them to sit behind a desk throughout the day will contribute to exhaustion in a major way.

Lack of physical exercise will result in the slow functioning of the body. The only solution for this is to indulge in any sort of physical activity whenever possible. Jogging is the most advised activity for people who are living a sedentary lifestyle.

The aforementioned are some among the major causes of feeling always tired. However consulting a doctor is the best thing to do.

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