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Understanding a Panic Attack
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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Panic attacks are normal reactions of our body to a threatening situation. It can stimulate the adrenalin rates in our body which in turn will increase the heart and respiration rate, increases blood pressure and diverts the flow of blood to muscle. Panic attack may result in a great deal of emotional stress. The reasons why it occurs will be different from person to person.

The symptoms may be of the following: breathing difficulty, pounding heart, dizziness, shaking, chest pain, sweating, nausea, choking, numbness, flushes, fear of dying etc. A large number of panic attacks are due to psychological factors and even hereditary factors do play a role in this kind of pathology.

A panic attack can be a result of many reasons such as stress, traumatic experiences, chemical imbalances in the brain and many other numerous factors. Just like many other diseases, the treatment for a panic attack may or may not work. There are a large number of persons who frequently experience panic attacks. They should be really careful because their life is actually in a very dangerous condition. It is advisable that these persons consult a doctor as quickly as possible so as to find out what is the real reason behind this pathology. Tests can be done so as to find out whether there is any serious problem and also medication can be started upon the advice of the doctor to prevent any further crisis.

The best thing that you should do while dealing with panic attacks is to educate yourselves. Try to learn what the symptoms and cause are. You can also refer medical journals and find out what are the medications used in this case. Doing all these things would be of great benefit to you in the long term.

Understanding the causes for a panic attack is the first strep that you would have to put forward in treating it. There may be many reasons for a panic attack and in most cases it is the stress factor. Try to analyze yourself what are the reasons that is creating so much pressure and tension on you. By going for programs like yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, etc. you can definitely reduce the stress levels from your mind.

The best way to overcome the effects of a panic attack is to reprogram the vital organ of your body, brain. This can be a hard task. But you should try to throw away all those fear or notions that have been stored in your minds. For e.g., there are a large number of people who fear spider. For most of them this fear might have been with them from their early childhood itself. You should try to throw away these fears for objects and animals slowly as you could so that you will not have any fear for anything in your mind. This would help you to face all situations with the much needed courage.

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