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Sexual Pain at Menopause
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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All women under menopause go through many changes physically and emotionally. Changes in sexual patterns are one of the major changes. The women can not ignore these facts but instead try to understand them and act accordingly.

You might notice that a woman under menopause shows lesser signs of interest in sexual intercourse as compared to her previous condition. A women body produces many hormones and one of them is Estrogen. That hormone maintains the condition of the reproductive system and helps in maintaining sexual interest. Once Estrogen level starts dropping, a women's interest in sexual intercourse drops eventually. This certainly doesn't mean you are unable to carry out sexual activities but reaching a climax or having an orgasm can be very difficult for a women under menopause. These hormonal imbalance also brings fatigue and weakness thus loosing interest in sex completely.

Some women also experience bleeding and sexual pain during sexual intercourse, this is one of the main reasons why they avoid getting in any sexual contact. That can get unbearable at times and the bleeding may increase over time. As the estrogen levels have decreased, this causes drying of the vagina and decreases lubrication making sexual intercourse a painful experience. In addition to this, menopausal women also experience sudden anxiety attacks, anger, sadness, emotional stress etc. Women go through a lot of mixed feeling, hence concentration on sexual activities reduce drastically. One can not think of having sex if one is depressed or sad.

If you have been sexually active in the past and want to regain sex interest, there are many ways to do it. Emotional changes cannot be treated in a menopausal women. However women experiencing pain and bleeding while having sex can use several strategies to treat the dryness and fragility in vagina. You can use vitamin E cream or bland jelly for the healing. It needs to be applied during or before sexual intercourse. Other products like Replens are used daily especially for such conditions. Replens have effects that stay longer. All theses products are easily available at your nearest drug store even without a prescription.

If you experience menopause at an early age and want to resume your sexual activity after a long gap, you need to first strengthen and restore the vagina by using Hormonal creams that rejuvenate, moisten and thickens mucosal folds and even vagina lining thus improving circulation and restoring orgasm. You can also gently massage the opening and walls of the vagina with a estrogen cream in case you experience shrinking of vagina. This massage can be done for 10 minutes daily.

Menopause is a time when most women need support and understanding from family especially husbands or partners as she is going through a lot of changes.

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