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Inconvenience of Menopause - Supplements
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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At menopause, hot flashes and night sweats appear, but other symptoms may occur very often. Sleep becomes more difficult with morning fatigue, the silhouette change, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. Lifestyle and medical care can help in the fight against these complications.

Hot flashes: The phytoestrogens

Hot flashes are, of course, the most typical signs of menopause. In fact, they may even occur in the years before menopause or pre-menopause. If they are generally decreasing over time, we can not predict how long they persist. Besides hormone "classic" of menopause, the HRT (hormone replacement), which has largely proved its effectiveness in flushing, which has largely fueled the newspapers in recent years, phytoestrogens, derivatives soybean, present an alternative that your doctor may offer to relieve your hot flashes.

According to the French health authorities, a phytoestrogen is a substance naturally present in plants, devoid of nutritional virtue, which has a chemical structure similar to estradiol, a major sex hormones of women. A phytoestrogen has estrogenic activity demonstrated in the laboratory (AFSSA consumer information / Afssaps). The phytoestrogens include a score of plant molecules, among which the most studied are the isoflavones (including genistein and daidzein). Some pharmaceutical companies sell food supplements in the form of tablets or capsules containing these soy isoflavones.

Morning Fatigue: Selenium

Without being specific to that period, morning fatigue is common to menopause. This is accentuated by all external "aggression" like toxic environment, tobacco or alcohol.

To operate, our body needs oxygen, essential to many beneficial functions accompanied by the release of "free radicals". Very powerful, they play a role in the reactions to defend the body against viruses and bacteria. But when the body suffers from toxic attacks, it produces excess free radical, which then become dangerous, as a sort of "toxins" internal: it's called "oxidative stress-tif ". It then attack the cells and tissues, causing premature aging and even real pathologies. To neutralize free radicals, our body defends itself by producing antioxidants, whose efficacy is potentiated by those in power.

Selenium is one of the most powerful. Selenium comes from fish, eggs, meat and cheeses. It is also found in asparagus, carrots and broccoli. An association phytoestrogens and selenium may be attractive to women with menopausal hot flashes and exposed to smoking, pollution, stress, or inflammatory disorders. Consumed in the morning, it is indeed capable of reviving the cellular metabolism.

Sleep disorders: Magnesium

Sleep disorders are among the complaints frequently raised by menopausal women. They are a nervousness, a state of stress and difficulties to sleep. The frequent nighttime awakenings reach 27% of women in the age group 50-65 years. May also occur apnea (breathing) sleep, including the frequency and severity are still under-estimated.

Magnesium Improves the nervous system, mental and emotional. Essential for muscle contraction, he participates in the regulation of heartbeat and takes part in over 300 metabolic reactions. when it is absorbed in the evening he used to facilitate sleep.

There are frequent shortages of food intake among postmenopausal women, Involving phytoestrogens in nutrients adapted to troublesome signs of menopause is a good solution to correct these deficiencies and live this delicate period to the best of his physical and mental potential.

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