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14 Things You Can Do to Prevent Breast Cancer
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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With 49,000 new cases and 11,000 deaths per year, breast cancer has experienced a doubling of cases during the past 25 years. And yet, we can prevent this cancer by some simple habits. The risk of breast cancer may be lowered, so play your part!

Just like it is for lung cancer, the causes of breast cancer are easily identified, Only recently a number of these factors have been formally recognized by the light of specific studies. So lets take a look at what you can to to prevent breast cancer and live a healthy life.

Eat less and better.

Again, food is central to the prevention of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, but also breast cancer, Food is also responsible in the occurrence of a second cancer. Regardless of overweight, trans fats (pastries, pizza, etc.) are increasing by more than double the risk of breast cancer. If it adds an overweight (especially in case of breakdown "android" fat, in short a big belly), the fatty tissue acts like a gland secretory estrogen promoters of cancer, especially after menopause.

Keep Moving!

Thirty minutes of real physical activity (not just vacuuming and ironing!) would reduce the risk of breast cancer by 30 to 40%. Keeping your body in shape is one of the best weapon against all form of cancers. It may be difficult at first to get out and doing some physical activities but the rewards are fantastic. A simple bicycle ride every day is enough to stay in shape. So let's move!

Drink less than one glass of alcohol per day.

Once the equivalent of 10 grams (one glass), the rate of circulating hormones (estrogen always) grows, as does the risk of tumor growth, especially breast. The risk increase by 9% every 10 grams of alcohol ingested. Alcohol is one of the worst enemy for pregnant women.

Make your first baby around 25 years old.

This factor is the "heavy" in terms of risk ... At least 20% of cancers would be redundant due to the increasingly late age of the first full-term pregnancy, which is nearly 30 years today.

Nurse your baby ideally for 6 months.

The risk decreases with the number of children and especially if they were breastfed: endogène secretion of estrogen are dropping considerably during pregnancy and weaning.

Protect yourself against xenoestrogens.

A xenophobic estrogen is a chemical compound, which is recognized by a living organism as an estrogen.

You must especially avoid periods where your body is changing and more vulnerable to hormonal changes, ie when you are pregnant of a baby girl (for him to avoid breast cancer later.

Breast cancer accounts for one third of new cancers in women. If it is detected early, it is better supported. Women with breast cancer benefit from treatment tailored to their pathology. Four technologies are mainly used. In order of importance: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Since the year 2000 medical advance has been made on all fronts in the fight against breast cancer. Early detection and treatment are essential to defeat the disease.

Good Luck!

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