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Arthritis and Glucosamine
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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Arthritis is one aliment which makes you feel a lot older than what you actually are, from the very beginning of the problem. Arthritis is a condition in which the joints are affected severely. The pain in the joints is so severe that even you day to day activities are affected. Once you get arthritis it is very difficult to move around, you cannot play sports, go for long walks and so on, as the pain is so severe, it affects the routine of the person suffering from this ailment drastically.

But this is a way to lessen the pain and lead a better life even though you are suffering from this ailment. The way out is regular intake of glucosamine, a drug which helps in easing out the swelling and pain caused due to arthritis. Glucosamine also helps the sufferer in staying active, energetic and youthful.

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the joints are inflamed this is due to the amount of cartilage been reduced which biologically protects and supports the joints. A person suffering from arthritis generally restricts his or her movement in order to reduce the severity of pain, as when they move the pain increases, but this reduction of their movement in turn worsens their condition as muscle atrophy starts developing.

Glucosamine not only reduces the pain of arthritis but also helps in slowing down the development of arthritis. Glucosamine is a natural plagiaristic of cartilage and is essential in order to build healthier joints. Research also has proven that regular intake of glucosamine also helps in rebuilding cartilage which cushions the joints in a more efficient way.

Glucosamine is also available in liquid form and it is proven to be more advantageous as compared to the pill. It can be swallowed easily as compared to the pill, the taste is better and the absorption of the liquid form is better as it does not have to be broken down by the system from the solid form this is turn gives relief faster as compared to the tablet. It is also proven that liquid glucosamine works faster and is as effective in lesser doses as compared to the tablets and it also turns out to be cheaper to the tablets.

Glucosamine can be bought easily as it is widespread in the market. There are many liquid glucosamine supplements like 'Flexicose', 'Drinkables Joint Care' and many more. These supplements can be taken in addition with other supplements like, 'Omega 3 fatty acids' and 'Chondroitin Sulfate' as they help in easing out the joint pain.

Even though liquid glucosamine is widespread nowadays, there are some parameters in terms of the purity and the dose of the liquid glucosamine. It is advisable to consult the doctor on which supplement you should take. Intake of regular doses of glucosamine helps in reducing the severity of arthritis and your day to day routine is not affected by the ailment and you are as active as you always used to be rather more.

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