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Natural Remedies for Reducing Arthritis Symptoms
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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Arthritis can really cripple you. It is a disease generally associated with aging, which results in breakage or death of cartilages of joints. Once the cartilages are destroyed, the joints do not remain dynamic any more. The effective rolling of bone over the joints is minimized and brittleness sets in. This can cause great agony.

Chief reasons behind Arthritis

Chief reason for your cartilage breakage is drying of Synovial fluid. It is a fluid found in the joint area, which lubricates the joint surface and assists in clinical motion of joints. Once this dries, cartilage turns brittle. New bones and spurs develop in the place and create tracts of unbearable pain. You become more vulnerable to it, as you keep climbing the age ladder. Hips and other weight bearing joints get more prone to inflammations and even the joints of feet and hand feel the arthritis onslaught. People try various means to counter it. Few are lucky in their attempts, whereas others are not.

Natural Remedies for reducing arthritis symptoms

Medical treatments based on a line of steroids, topical treatments, dietary treatment, acupuncture, surgery and a lot more are prescribed. Similarly, natural remedies are also being tried for the disease. Such remedies are known to have great influence in many cases. So if your joints pain a lot, show visible inflammation or makes it nearly impossible for you to walk or stand, you can go ahead with these natural therapies.


Massages always work wonders. So use olive oil almost each day overnight. Remember to massage very gently as a wrong slip of the hands can result in further aggravation of arthritis.

Moist heating

Moist heating is also considered quite effective. You can also look to heat the area of inflammation locally. After the process, indulge in either moderate swimming or walking, just as you complete this, get ready for cold packs. Doing this regularly also brings a lot of relief.

Impact of lukewarm water, lemon juice and honey

You can take some lukewarm water and mix lemon juice and honey in the ratio 2:1. Regular intake of this combination not only flushes out the toxin but also boosts arthritic relief. In fact, this is a great idea for weight loss as well. So if obesity has caused arthritis in your case, then this natural remedy will take care of two issues in one go.

Role of sassafras oil

Take sassafras oil, juniper, thyme, and rosemary sand garlic. Crush them and dilute them with olive oil. The ratio should be 10:1 for olive oil and the mixture. Warm gentle massage will give great benefits in the long run. However, it is important to note that Sassafras contains safrole which is carcinogenic in nature hence it is always prudent to select Sassafras oil cautiously.


Guggulu is an herb that has found great acceptance among the sufferers of the disease. The idea is to take guggulu with warm water each day after lunch. The relief is sustained and not overnight but then, once it begins to bail you out of the pain, the results are nearly permanent in nature.

Arthritis is a monster, but then natural remedies can help you fight it effectively!

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