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5 Remedies to Counter Insomnia
Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft 
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Sleep and the benefits of sleep are well known. A good night's sleep or a deep uninterrupted sleep of 6 to 8 hours is essential to stay healthy and feel good. While you are asleep your body gets the opportunity to relax and take stock of energies to be able to perform all the functions the following day. Lack of sleep otherwise referred to as insomnia is a serious problem which many people suffer from.

Insomnia could be caused by many factors including stress and tension, the intake of some form of medication, too much intake of a type of food or drink among others.

It is important to get insomnia treated otherwise it will have adverse effects on performance and the working of the brain. Sleep has been directly linked with alertness and good performance over a series of studies and surveys. Medication can only provide temporary relief from insomnia and you will see the sleep problem presents itself again after you have stopped the medication only this time it is worse than what it was. Before going to a doctor and being prescribed medication you must try a few natural remedies to counter insomnia and to enjoy a good and relaxing night of sleep.

Try and relax before going to bed- you have to start relaxing a little before going to sleep. De-stress and stay tension free. Once in bed, relax and loosen all your muscles starting from your head to your toes taking it part by part. Make a pact with yourself that you will stop dwelling on your problems once you get into bed.

Have a warm glass of milk- it is said that having something warm just before going to sleep preferably something which is easily gulped down like milk help you to fall asleep. The beverage should not be very hot or too cold either; it should be comfortably warm enough to induce that comfortable and fuzzy feeling of falling asleep.

Exercising a little late in the evening- exerting your body physically till you are tired is a good idea if you suffer from insomnia. If you usually work out in the mornings or afternoons then it will be a good idea to change that time to late in the evening. This way you will be bodily tired and you will fall asleep more easily.

Having a warm water shower or bath- experts recommend that you pour warm water on yourself before going to bed. Having a bath with warm water will help loosen your muscles and you will relax more easily. The more you are relaxed and the less stressed you are the easier it is to fall asleep.

Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine and foods that don't agree with before going to sleep- it is a good idea to keep away from caffeine, alcohol and other foods which do not agree with you. You should instead have dairy products, poultry and soy which contain sleep inducing amino acid tryptophan to fall asleep a little more easily.

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