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Advice on Becoming a New Grandparent
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Becoming a grandparent can be one of the most important and joyful times in life. It can also take some adjusting to get used to, but you can make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible by putting some thought into your new role. The transition begins from the moment you hear the good news. Your role as a grandparent then continues as your grandchild grows. You can begin your journey as a grandparent on a positive note by following a few suggestions.

Upon Hearing the News

To get off on the right foot, it is important to be as supportive as possible when you hear the news from the expectant parents. Even if you have concerns about such things as finances, it is important to show your support. Chances are, most soon-to-be parents already have their own financial concerns or other worries and do not need their concerns compounded. The moment of revealing the news should be a celebration.

Knowing When to Give Advice

Your son or daughter and their partner are bound to do things differently than you would. While they may follow some traditions, they are more likely to break away from many others. For instance, they may choose to deliver their child at home with a midwife even though you believe that a hospital is the safest environment. It is important to not press your own ideals on the expectant parents. One of the quickest ways to push away the expectant parents and to jeopardize your future relationship with your grandchild is to show a lack of support by constantly pushing your own ideas.

Of course, as a grandparent, you will be able to share your experience with the expectant parents. Try to get a sense of how open they are to your ideas, but always be gentle about offering advice. Remember that expectant parents can become emotional and protective of their role. At the same time, many expectant parents often welcome advice if it is offered in a respectful manner. It will be up to you to determine just how much guidance you should share and when to just show support for the parents.

Focus on the Positive

Expectant parents often experience a mix of emotions from joy and excitement to fear and worry. You can help to alleviate their worries by remaining as positive about the experience as possible. For instance, share funny and touching stories about experiences you’ve had with your own children.

Providing Help

New parents almost always welcome assistance. Think back on how much your life changed when you became a new parent. What help would you have appreciated? Keep in mind that even though you are the parent to one of the new parents, your role has changed significantly over the years. It’s your turn to ask what help would be appreciated. Be sure not to overstep your boundaries, but do provide help as needed. You are likely to find that the new parents will seek your guidance and help from time to time, and this will give you a chance to create a bond with your grandchild and a stronger bond with your own child and their partner.

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