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Book Clubs for Seniors
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If you are a senior who is looking for something to do that will stimulate your mind and provide a healthy social atmosphere, consider joining a book club. There are many book clubs available around the world, many of which are for people of all ages. By joining a book club, you will be able to meet new people and share your own ideas. Most people appreciate the different perspectives that more experienced seniors have to offer.

Genre-Specific Book Clubs

Have you always enjoyed reading a specific genre of books? For instance, if you have a passion for mystery novels, there are book groups dedicated specifically to that genre. Other genres may include science fiction, history, cooking, sports, classics, religion, foreign language, animals, and more. Some book clubs cover a wide range of books and allow members to vote on the next book to read and discuss.

Finding a Book Club

The great thing about book clubs is that anyone can start one. Many libraries hold book clubs. Individuals start book clubs that meet at their home or at coffee shops. If you are a senior living at home, you might consider starting your own group. If you live in an assisted living facility, consider finding other book lovers who would like to meet now and again to discuss favorite books. Otherwise, the best place to search for a book club these days is online. You could also ask your local bookstore or library about book clubs in the area. Check their bulletin boards. Many book clubs will post meet up information on the local bulletin boards of libraries and bookstores.

Benefits of Joining a Book Club

Exercising the mind is important at any age, but can be especially important as we age. This is because our bodies become more susceptible to such things as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as we age. Studies have proven that stimulating the mind through such activities as reading can actually prevent the onset of these diseases. Just as physical exercise strengthens the body, exercising the brain strengthens the mind and keeps it from atrophying. In addition, social interaction is another way to exercise the mind and to feed the spirit. Joining a book club covers both of these necessities ¾mental stimulation and social interaction.

Reading a book on your own can be a relatively passive experience. However, when you have the chance to share your feelings and ideas about a book, the experience becomes more interactive and challenging. Taking part in a book club also allows you to hear what ideas other people have about a book you have just read. Hearing other people’s perspectives is a fantastic way to view a book in a new light and to gain a deeper appreciation of it.

Joining a book club is an ongoing activity that provides a new experience every time. Reading books, sharing ideas, and the healthy social interaction included in book clubs are excellent ways to bolster your mind and have fun at the same time!

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