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The Benefits of Providing Activities for Seniors
Written By : SeniorsList 
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Once elderly individuals retire and begin to lose their physical agility, it can become easy to fall into a state of mental and physical stagnancy. This is why it is so important for seniors to continue pursuing life-fulfilling activities that challenge their bodies and minds. No matter what age a person is, lack of meaningful activities can cause fatigue and a general sense of despondency. Seniors are especially susceptible to falling into a poor mental state when their body, mind, and spirit are not fed. Fortunately, a growing number of people are becoming aware of this and are assisting elderly individuals into living more meaningful lives.

Leisure Activities for Seniors

Elderly individuals should be encouraged to continue reading, writing, playing instruments, and performing other activities that they’ve always enjoyed. While a person’s physical dexterity may not allow them to play an instrument or draw as well, for example, this does not mean that these activities cannot still be enjoyed. The more consistently an elderly individual performs activities, the more agile their body will remain. In addition, these activities will also reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Other activities for seniors might include:

  • Visiting with friends and family
  • Knitting
  • Playing cards
  • Doing puzzles
  • Reading stories to young children
  • Painting
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Walking
  • Attending music, theater or other types of events

Of course, the list of activities for seniors is as endless as the imagination and will depend on a person’s individual preferences and their physical and/or cognitive abilities. It is important not to underestimate and elderly individual’s abilities. A person who takes care of themselves throughout life and is fortunate enough to not have suffered from any debilitating health problems could still be playing tennis or skiing into their late 70s or beyond. In many cases, it’s never too late to try new activities (within reason).

Improved Mental Function and Emotional Well-Being

Unfortunately, many elderly individuals begin to lose their desire to take on new activities or to continue old pastimes. If you or a loved one needs an extra boost to stay motivated, start out with a few of the activities mentioned above or take on a yoga class held for seniors, for example. A variety of activities will not only stimulate (or relax) your mind, it will keep you in a balanced mental state. Humans need social interaction and mental stimulation at any age, but these needs may be more difficult to meet as a person ages. Consider participating in group activities as well as solo activities that keep the mind stimulated and promote emotional health.

Physical Health Benefits

While it is impossible to keep the body going forever, it is possible to increase longevity and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and illness by staying active. In addition, regular activity keeps elderly individuals more mobile making daily life easier and much more enjoyable. Staying in good physical condition will allow a senior to enjoy the activities they’ve always loved and to perform activities they’ve always wanted to try.

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