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Keep Your Relationship Afloat After Retirement
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You and your spouse have spent many hours daydreaming about what your retirement will consist of. It could be that your dream life free of cubicles, deadlines and meetings, and instead planting a vegetable garden and having the time to read the paper each morning. If you plan on retiring around the same time as your spouse, the reality is often a shift in the relationship. While it’s wonderful to have all the time in the world to spend together, some couples miss the time they spent alone, with co-workers or even long the projects that made them feel fulfilled professionally. Need some tips so that you don’t fall into your own relationship retirement trap? Here, we’ve outlined some great advice and suggestions to make you and your partner’s transition to retirement an easy one.

Taking Care of the Emotional Self

While you may have dreamt of your retirement years as being a cake walk, filled with leisurely time to do as you please, travel where you want and wake up when you want, the reality may be quite different. Some couples experience boredom quickly after retiring and often. The loss of identity is common, with a lack of purpose from unstructured days. If you and your spouse have spent the last 25 years working in a career you were passionate about, and like most professionals, worked an average of 40-50 hours a week, the loss of your professional life can cause a loss of identity.

Taking care of who you are as a person and together as a couple can be a difficult transition to undergo – one that requires some time. Our advice? Give yourself some time to adjust being home together with your partner, getting to know one another in new and exciting ways and enjoy time to do as you please!

Spend Time Together and Apart

One aspect of retirement that couples find most challenging is transitioning from spending 8-10 hours apart Monday through Friday to spending all of their time together. If you and your spouse have both worked outside of the home for the past 20-30 years and now are together during that time, it isn’t always easy to find the balance of “together and alone time” that you once cherished. How can you enjoy the many benefits of retirement together while also making time for your pleasures in life? Individually, it’s important to think about what aspects of your career you really enjoyed. For example, is it lunch out with co-workers that you miss? Is it having something to discuss with work associates during your day that didn’t have to do with your home life?

It’s important to find ways to incorporate a sense of self even after you leave your job. Ways to do this include maintaining relationships/friendships with past co-workers, volunteering at local events, and as a couple working in some capacity – through charity events, jogging in your city’s annual marathon or any other activity that allows an opportunity to bond together.

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