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Becoming a First Time Grandmother
Written By : SeniorsList 
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The first time you become a grandmother will be one of the most joyful moments of your life. That being said, it’s not always easy to wear that label! There are mental battles to deal with and they’re not all about aging either.

Respect the Parents

Yes, you raised your children and did a fabulous job but you have to respect the way your child is raising your grandchild. You may not agree with them but you have to respect them. If you have an opinion on something, talk with them and say how you feel but then let it go. The only time you should be getting involved is if the child is in danger.

This means that if there is a no candy rule, stock up on fruit, raisins and other nutritious snacks don’t sneak and let them eat junk just because the parents aren’t around. If they decide to homeschool your grandchild, you need to support their decision even if you don’t agree.

Both Grandmas are Important

There’s a good chance that you are not the only grandmother in the picture; you need to get along! Even if you think her clothes are tacky or you’re secretly jealous because you know she can afford more expensive gifts, these things are not important. Children grow up thinking that their grandmas are perfect, don’t spoil that by allowing them to sense friction or hostility. You both love your grandchild equally, there’s no need to fight about it.

Don’t be Taken for Granted

Of course, you want to babysit every chance you can but that doesn’t mean it should be assumed that you will. Set boundaries and make sure that you’re still doing everything that you want to do. If you set your boundaries from the beginning, it won’t become an issue later.

Be a Teacher

If you think back to when you were a child, did your mother or grandmother teach you more? Chances are good that even if your mom taught you something new every day, your fondest memories were learning from your grandma.

Teach your grandchild to read, sew, set the table or get them involved in the garden. Most parents today work far more hours than they should have to, if you have the time to stimulate their minds, you’ll have a positive influence on their life.

Be There

When your child fails, don’t say, “I told you so.” Be there to pick up the pieces. When your daughter calls in the middle of the night because the baby is congested, stay calm and tell her to stand in a steamy bathroom. You know all the tricks of parenting, you’ve probably succeeded better than most but you don’t want to be a know-it-all. When you’re asked for help, then step in.

Treat the parents the way you would want to be treated. If your mother-in-law was constantly questioning you, don’t make those same mistakes.


If you are not already into scrapbooking, now is the time to start! Don’t wait five years from now and wish you would have started sooner. Scrapbooks are about the best gift you can give your grandchild when the time is right. They’re even exceptional Mother’s Day or anniversary gifts as well. Capture every memory that you can!

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