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Tips for an Allergy Free Home
Keeping your home free from allergens is very important. This is especially true if you have young children or seniors living in your home. So what are some easy steps you can take to make your home allergy free? Here are 10 great tips to keep your home clean and clear both inside and out. 1. Window blinds are like dust magnets. If you have people in your home who suffer from dust allergies, change your window coverings to a washable alternative like drapes or curtains. 2. Always run your  Read More>>>
  Sydney Stevenson

Food Allergy Vs. Food Intolerance
Among the allergies rampant in American lives today, food allergy is one of the top three. However, some people misdiagnose food allergy as food intolerance. There are certain similarities but one must be careful in administering medicines to a person with an allergy. The wrong medicine for the wrong condition can increase the allergic symptom resulting in anaphylaxis and even death. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction where all the symptoms swiftly attack the entire body all at the  Read More>>>
  Charlene Nuble

What Can I Do About My Wheat Allergy
Food allergies are very common. There are several different types of food allergies but a wheat allergy is one of the most common. A wheat allergy occurs when a person suffers an adverse reaction to the protein fractions of the wheat and all or some of the other components like gluten. When suffering from a wheat allergy your allergy symptoms will be activated when food containing wheat is eaten but it can also be from inhaling flour that contains wheat which is called baker's asthma.  Read More>>>
  Roger Michaelson

5 Steps to Seasonal Allergy Relief
This year allergy season seems more vigorous and early in many areas of the United States. The vigorous bloom of pollens has been bothersome for more than six weeks. In the Northwest we have seen many patients this season who have well known allergies struggling with symptoms more than they have in several years. Many clients who historically have not had allergies have also been affected this year. Most people are familiar with seasonal allergy symptoms and how bothersome they can be. It is  Read More>>>
  Bruce Kaler, MD

5 Steps to Indoor Allergy Relief
Managing your allergies inside the home or office is not too difficult but does take a few simple steps to succeed. Whether it is the peak of seasonal allergies or winter when there is no pollen, dust and mold are around all year round. Knowing exactly what pollens or molds bother you can be a start but managing your environment requires the same tools and organization. 1. Keep the house clean and dry. Molds and mildew thrive in warm moist environments. Areas in the house such as kitchen,  Read More>>>
  Bruce Kaler, MD

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