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What Type of Care Do You Need?

Beyond assisted living and nursing homes, there are a variety of options when it comes to caring for seniors. By answering these questions, we’ll help you figure out which will work best for your loved one.

Why Everyone Needs a Care Plan

About 70% of older adults will need some form of long-term care in their lifetime; however, no two people require the same exact approach. Depending on one’s health and personal preferences, there are a variety of ways to administer the necessary support. The key is to know your options and make a plan before care is needed.

Understanding your options

Home modifications

provide a cost-effective way to make one’s home safer to inhabit. For example, walk-in tubs mitigate risks of falls, and medical alert systems provide quick access to emergency assistance.

Senior care communities

provide personalized assistance in one’s home, and they encompass a broad spectrum of needs. Companion caregivers can keep your loved one company and perform light household tasks, while home health aides and private-duty caregivers assist those with greater care needs.


include assisted living, nursing homes, and other residential facilities. While costly, these environments are an essential way to care for loved ones who can no longer safely live in their homes.

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