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The Best Hearing Aids of 2023

After months of testing and research, we’ve come up with our list of the best hearing aid brands and hearing devices on the market.

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The Senior List is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews.


Jabra Enhance Select 50 - Best Online Hearing Aid Purchase

Overall Rating



Eargo 6 - Most Discreet Hearing Aid

Overall Rating


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MDHearing VOLT - Best Value

Overall Rating


Call for best price:


Finding the right hearing aid can go a long way toward making life sound good again. The best hearing aids enable you to actively engage with your surroundings, whether in a crowded restaurant or a quiet home.

And with so many hearing devices designed to be discreet and light, there’s no need to worry about how they look or whether other people can see them. Many of our favorites can be purchased online without having to visit a doctor.

Pro Tip: New to the world of hearing aids? Then check out my hearing aid buying guide to learn about all things related to fitting, types of hearing loss, and how to begin your process.

11 Best Hearing Aids of 2023

Hearing Aid Companies Compared

Provider Cost Trial Warranty
Jabra Enhance
$1,450 – $2,000
100 days
2 years
$1,500 – $2,950
45 days
1-2 years
45 days
90 days
Lexie Hearing Aids
45 days
1 year
$1,600 – $6,500
45 days
1-3 years

The Best Hearing Aids of 2023

1. Enhance Select 50 - Best Online Hearing Aid Purchase


Call for best price:


What We Like Most:

Personal support from

trained audiologists

Small, lightweight, and

easy to wear

Adjustable settings via

the Jabra Enhance Select app

Bluetooth streaming


Cost: $1,195-$1,995 for a pair

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are small, behind-the-ear models that can be purchased online with no need for an appointment with an audiologist. Although Jabra Enhance offers rechargeable models, the Enhance Select 100 and 200, we especially loved their battery-powered model, the Enhance Select 50. This small, discreet, behind-the-ear model makes use of noise-canceling technology combined with voice enhancement to give users a clear hearing experience.

With the purchase of any Jabra hearing aids, you can access one-on-one support via the Jabra Enhance Select app, wherein their audiology team will video chat with you and help you with any problems. Jabra Enhance’s team can work with you to adjust your hearing aids via the app, no matter where you are.

Jabra Enhance offers a generous 100-day money-back guarantee, so you can try them out and see how they work for you. When you add in the three years of free follow-up care from their team, it makes it very easy to get your aids adjusted and working just as you like them. You’ll also get a three-year warranty and three-year damage coverage.

Jabra Enhance is an excellent solution for those who want a quality hearing aid. They’re also a good option for those who are reluctant to see a specialist but would be open to chatting with an audiologist team online.

Although you’re not going to be able to get them fitted in as customized a manner as in an online appointment, our tests have demonstrated that they’re comfortable and offer high-quality sound.

To learn more about Jabra Enhance hearing aids, check out our Jabra Enhance hearing aid review.


Long battery life

Personalized hearing aids

Three-year warranty

Three years of remote follow-up


Remote hearing adjustments via

mobile app

100-day risk-free trial

Bluetooth capabilities


Limited hearing aid options

Not all Android models supported

2. Eargo 6 - Most Discreet Hearing Aid


Call for best price:


What We Like Most:

Rechargeable batteries

Virtually invisible in-ear


Lifetime licensed


Flexible payment plans

Cost: $2,950 for a pair

Eargo offers one of the few hearing aids that is both invisible and rechargeable. Their newest model, the Eargo 6, offers mobile phone connectivity, induction charging, and noise and feedback reduction. All four Eargo models are worth the cost of entry; however, we think the Eargo 6 is worth a second glance for the quality of its sound profile. The Eargo 6 offers Eargo’s clearest, sharpest, and most natural sound, in addition to wind noise reduction, making it perfect for those who spend ample time outdoors.

The Eargo 6 comes with a two-year warranty and lifetime support from Eargo’s hearing health specialists. All of their hearing aids come pre-programmed with four standard profiles, which means there is no need for individual fitting. However, you can send Eargo your audiogram, and prior to sending, a hearing professional at Eargo will set the hearing aids more directly to your hearing loss. You can also call Eargo and chat with their experts at any time.

All Eargo models are rechargeable. In fact, their carrying case doubles as a charger, preventing you from losing these tiny devices. The Eargo 6 has induction charging, meaning that the hearing aids don’t need to make contact with a specific point to charge, making the Eargo 6 even easier to use than previous models. In our tests, we found that Eargo’s hearing aids could easily last for an entire day when charged overnight.

Eargo 6 hearing aids cost $2,950 for a pair. The company handles claims directly with FEHB insurance plans, making it possible for qualified customers to easily receive the product at no out-of-pocket cost to them. Additionally, they offer 24-month financing plans on their models. All Eargo models come with a 45-day evaluation period so that you can be absolutely sure that they’re the right device for you.

To learn more about Ergo, check out our Eargo hearing aids review. Additionally, be sure to check out our rundown of Eargo hearing aids costs.


45-day trial period

Rechargeable devices

Affordable financing options

Nearly invisible

Comfortable fit

Free telecare checkup

Sound adjustments through

accompanying smartphone app

Lifetime support for your hearing



May be too small for some

No battery replacements

Call to order Eargo 6: 866-334-3974

3. MDHearing VOLT - Best Value


Call for best price:


What We Like Most:

Under $300 for a pair

Long-lasting battery

Resistant to water,

sweat, and dirt

Affordable price

Four audio settings

Cost: $299.98 for a pair

MDHearing devices are affordable hearing aids that cut no corners on functionality. Currently, they offer three different models that possess a variety of features and sound environment settings. The MDHearing Core features a long-lasting rechargeable battery as well as MDHearing’s most advanced sound performance.

We think the Core is definitely worth a second glance, as it uses Bluetooth and a smartphone app to let users create and tweak their own unique sound profiles. The Core auto-adjusts as you go about your day, and you can change the profile at any time. The result is a clearer hearing experience that boosts the sounds you want to hear and reduces those you don’t.

The Core is priced at a reasonable $299.98, lower than most of its other FDA-registered competitors. The Core’s batteries typically last five days, and all MDHearingAid purchases come with a carrying case and a year’s supply of batteries. The hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free trial and are covered by a 90-day warranty. After this, you’ll have to pay for repairs, unless you sign up for one of their protection plans, which start at $9.99 per month.

Email and phone support are available before and after purchase, and MDHearing has a team of dedicated insurance experts who can review your existing health coverage, determine any potential benefits, and even file an insurance claim for you.

To learn more about this company and its devices, check out our MDHearing review.


18 hour battery life

Highly affordable

Automatic sound adjustments

Advanced feedback reduction


Relatively short warranty

Call to order MDHearing VOLT: 844-554-2820

4. Otofonix Groove - Best Adaptive Hearing Aid


What We Like Most:

45-Day Money-Back


Affordable Devices

Great Feedback Control

Customizable Settings

Cost: $545 for a pair

Otofonix offers behind-the-ear hearing aids that can suit just about any user. The Otofonix Groove comes programmed to the most common hearing loss and has four different sound environment settings, each of which can provide crystal-clear audio in just about any location. Additionally, it is both rechargeable and can connect to your smartphone via an app.

The Groove is currently selling for $545 a pair, making it one of the most affordable rechargeable hearing aids available. The rechargeable battery lasts all day on a single charge. Otofonix is also one of the few online retailers that allow you to purchase certified refurbished hearing aids for extra savings.

Otofonix support can be reached by phone during normal business hours or anytime via email or web chat. Additionally, their website features a bunch of helpful tutorials and guides. Every Otofonix model is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.


Adaptive Hearing Technology

Low-Cost Devices

Discreet Hearing Aid Design

Can Be Purchased Solo or as Pairs


No Personalized Programming to

Your Hearing Loss

No Options for Severe or Profound

Hearing Loss

No Professional Consultation

Hearing Loss

5. Widex Moment - Best Smart Hearing Aid


What We Like Most:

Stellar sound quality

Invisible in-ear design

Rechargeable batteries

Audio streaming

Cost: $3,000-$6,000 for a pair

The Widex Moment is a top-of-the-line, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid. The Moment is a discrete RIC hearing aid that can stream audio from both Android smartphones and iPhones. If you have constant ringing in your ears, Widex also offers tinnitus solutions through its Zen programs.

The Moment is available with either a rechargeable or a traditional battery. Widex hearing aids are designed to use very little power, so you can simply pop them in the charger at night and enjoy crystal-clear hearing all day. In our tests, we got a few days of battery life out of our rechargeable units.

Widex doesn’t sell hearing aids directly to consumers. In order to purchase hearing aids, you can go to a hearing center that partners with them. Because Widex devices can be purchased from a variety of retailers, the pricing will vary. Generally speaking, however, their models will range from $3,000 to $6,000 for a pair. Warranty periods and amount of support will also vary by retailer.

For more information, check out our review of Widex hearing aids.


Great Sound Quality

Comfortable to Wear

Smart, Adaptable Hearing Aids

Wide Range of Devices

Zero-Obligation Hearing Evaluation

Risk-Free Hearing Aid Trial

In-Store Purchase


Professional Fitting Required

Variable Pricing

6. Lexie Lumen Hearing Aids - Best Smartphone App


Call for best price:

(779) 213-5476

What We Like Most:

Easy adjustments via


Hearing aid protection


Under $1,000 for a pair

Financing available

Cost: $799.99 for a pair

To make things simple, Lexie offers one model, the Lexie Lumen, available in a variety of colors. These behind-the-ear hearing aids feature noise reduction, are sweat-proof, and have Bluetooth capabilities for streaming phone calls and music. What’s more, their sound quality is superb.

Lexie is unique in that it offers the option to buy hearing aids outright or lease them through a subscription service. Buying Lexie hearing aids outright costs $799 per pair or $49 per month for a 24-month financing plan. If you choose to purchase outright, you can return your Lexie hearing aids within the first 45 days for a full refund. All Lexie hearing aids come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The subscription plan costs $49 per month and includes Lexie Care as well as replacing the devices with the current model every two years. The subscription service covers damage and loss, and is renewed monthly on an automatic basis, but you are welcome to cancel and send the hearing aids back at any time.

Every Lexie purchase includes everything you need to use your hearing aids: batteries, domes, tubes, and drying capsules. Additionally, if you choose the subscription option, Lexie will send you a complimentary refills on these accessories every six months, but if you need them more frequently, you can request them free of charge. Regardless of how you purchase, through the Lexie app, you’ll have access to remote support, in addition to helpful video tutorials and instructions.

To learn more about Lexie, read our Lexie hearing aids review.


Intuitive Smartphone App

Great Sound Quality

Free Remote Support

Damage and Loss Protection

Bluetooth Functionality


No Rechargeable Option

No Completely In-Ear Option

Call to order Lexie Lumen Hearing Aids: (779) 213-5476

7. Horizon - Best Customer Service


What We Like Most:

Tele-audiology system

45-day trial

Over 1,000 medical-

grade devices

No in-person

audiologist visit required

Cost: $2,900 for a pair; financing available is unique because they offer a wide range of medical-grade hearing aids that can be fitted remotely through their tele-audiology program. Their proprietary product, the Horizon, is an excellent choice. Horizon was developed with Signia. It is a discrete receiver-in-canal (RIC) model that is rechargeable and has a mobile phone app, Bluetooth streaming, and noise reduction.

During my tests, they sent me their “clinic in a box,” which allowed me to complete an audiology exam and fitting from my home. You can also visit their nearest partner-provider if you prefer, although in-person follow-ups are not covered. In addition to your initial fitting with a audiologist, you’ll receive lifetime remote support.

A pair of Horizon hearing aids costs $2,900; however, with financing plans, you can get a pair of hearing aids for as low as $139 per month. All hearing aids come with a 45-day no-risk trial period. During this time, you can return your devices for a full refund. Additionally, all of their hearing aids have at least a one-year warranty.

To learn more about, check out our review.


Completely Remote Support

Lengthy Warranties

Wide Range of Devices

High-Tech Features


Detailed Pricing Info Not Available


8. Audicus Spirit - Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids


What We Like Most:

Bluetooth functionality

Affordable devices

Rechargeable batteries

FDA approved

Cost: $2,798 for a pair

Audicus gives you the option of purchasing hearing aids outright or purchasing an all-inclusive monthly plan that automatically includes a new set every 18 months. All of their devices are FDA approved, in addition to coming with a 45-day risk-free trial period, allowing you to get your hands on their hearing aids before making a full commitment.

The Audicus Spirit is a standout hearing aid, offering the latest technology with Bluetooth connectivity as well as recharability. Depending on your smartphone, you may be able to stream audio directly into your hearing aids. The Audicus Spirit starts as low as $1,399 per ear and delivers crisp sound. The Audicus membership plan allows you to lease a set of Spirit aids for as little as $89 per month. The hearing aids come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you opt to purchase them outright, you may want to subscribe to Audicus Protect, which covers accidental damage and loss (starting at $12 per month).

Through Audicus’ website, you can take a hearing test that will help you determine which of their products is right for you. With the purchase of their hearing aids, you’ll also receive unlimited access to their support team hotline, which will come in handy if you run into issues with your devices.

In terms of Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids, Audicus offers some of the most affordable options. Their devices are discreet, lightweight, and capable of delivering solid audio quality, making them one of our favorite overall hearing aids.

To learn more about Audicus, check out my full review of Audicus hearing aids.


45-day risk-free trial

Different color options

FDA registered

Bluetooth and remote adjustability


Standard one-year warranty

For a wide range of hearing loss

Water resistant


Weak disposable battery life

Higher cost for rechargeable


9. Beltone Amaze - Best Customized Hearing Aid


What We Like Most:

Free Online Hearing


Tailored Hearing Aid


Good Noise


Video Chat Support

Cost: $2,500-$6,000 per pair

Beltone clinics provide a way to purchase their hearing aids while benefiting from the evaluation and expertise of a professional. The Beltone Amaze is available as a RIC-style aid, like most of the other aids on this list, or a custom, in-the-ear aid.

Beltone also offers accessories to pair with your hearing aids, including a portable microphone that is great for allowing better hearing in noisy environments or across long distances. They also have remote controls and a TV Link, which gives you the ability to stream audio directly from your television to your hearing aids. A Beltone professional at the clinic can help you connect these accessories to your hearing aids, and so can customer support through the internet, phone, and via on-demand video chatting.

Since the cost of the Beltone Amaze will vary depending upon which features and model you choose, it’s difficult to state their exact cost. However, you should expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000 for a pair. Beltone also offers financing options. Through BelCare, included with each hearing aid purchase, you’ll receive a one-year warranty and lifetime hearing evaluations, hearing aid inspections, and cleanings.

For more information, check out our review of Beltone hearing aids.


Wide Range of Devices

Advanced Connectivity Features

Solid Audio Quality

Durable Devices

Stellar Customer Care


Less Affordable Than Other Hearing


10. Signia Pure - Best Mobile App


Call for best price:


What We Like Most:

Solutions for Tinnitus

Free Online Hearing


Nationwide Hearing

Care Professionals



Cost: $3,000-$6,000 for a pair

The Signia Pure is a rechargeable hearing aid that offers streaming compatibility with both iPhones and Android phones. In addition, it offers in-app volume and programming adjustments, an in-app assistant, and programming that allows hearing professionals to make adjustments to your hearing aids remotely.

The Pure also has three charger options: a standard charger, a portable changer that allows for recharging on the go, and a Dry & Clean charger that disinfects and dehumidifies hearing aids while changing them.

Signia has partner hearing centers around the country where you can go for professional tests, advice, and hearing aid fitting. The cost of their hearing aids varies from $3,000 to $6,000 for a pair. While exact prices, warranties, and services included will vary based on the center, it’s always nice to have the option of in-store assistance. Signia offers an international repair service, allowing you to receive free repairs for your device, provided it’s still under warranty.

Find out more in our review of Signia hearing aids.


Wide Range of Models

Superior Customer Service

Mobile App for Easy Control

Unique Therapies for Tinnitus


Must Be Purchased Through a

Hearing Professional

Call to order Signia Pure: 844-553-2352

11. Audien Hearing Aids - Compact and Affordable


What We Like Most:

Rechargeable batteries

Online purchases

45-day trials

$249 for a pair

Currently, Audien offers two hearing aid models, the Audien Atom and the Audien Atom Pro. While both hearing aids have rechargeable batteries and a similar size, the Atom Pro delivers a slightly better audio quality.

At $249, the Atom Pro hearing aids are still some of the most affordable out there, and while they lack Bluetooth functionality or a companion smartphone app, they performed well when it came to amplifying sounds.

Additionally, these hearing aids have rechargeable batteries that lasted up to 24 hours on a single charge.

To learn more about these hearing aids, read our Audien hearing aid review.


Highly affordable

Nearly invisible design

Background noise cancellation

Long-lasting batteries


No Bluetooth or smartphone


No warranty

Who Are These Hearing Aids Best For?

Most hearing aids that can be purchased online are intended for individuals with mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is the most common with age. Some hearing aids on this list come pre-programmed only to that type of loss.

If your hearing loss might have a different cause or is more severe, it would be good to get an in-person hearing test and hearing aid recommendation by an audiologist.

How We Chose the Best Hearing Aids of 2023

It goes without saying that every hearing aid is different, and there’s hardly a one-size-fits-all device. Still, there are some key factors you should consider when purchasing a hearing aid, pertaining to both the device and its wearer.

  • Style and fit: Hearing aids come in several different shapes and sizes, from hardly visible in-ear units to larger, more traditional models that fit over the ear. Since you’ll likely wear your device often, it’s always a good idea to try out a few different hearing aids and see which ones are most comfortable. When it comes to determining the best style of hearing aid for you, the number-one factor will be your type of hearing loss.
  • Battery function and type: In addition to long battery life, you’ll want to find a hearing device with batteries that are easy to replace. Many hearing aids use rechargeable batteries, ensuring that you won’t have to travel to the store to keep your device powered.
  • Lifestyle: Your hearing aid needs will depend on your activity level. Are you often outdoors or in noisy environments, or do you tend to remain at home, having conversations with little background noise? Whatever your situation, a trustworthy manufacturer should be able to advise you of which models suit your particular lifestyle.
  • Trials and warranties: Hearing aids can run anywhere from $300 to $5,000. With this in mind, we recommend going with a hearing aid that offers a risk-free trial period in addition to a warranty, ensuring that you get your money’s worth for such a costly product.
  • Customer support: Despite their simple appearance, it’s common to run into technical or maintenance issues with hearing aids. To address this, you’ll want to make sure the retailer has staff on hand or specialist centers, where you’ll have access to expert advice on how to use your hearing aid.

The Unexpected Effects of Hearing Loss

When we talk about hearing loss, it’s tempting to think of the condition as simply a nuisance, one that can be addressed by turning up the volume on the television or asking loved ones to speak louder and more clearly. Unfortunately, hearing loss has been linked to a web of pernicious side effects, including loneliness and cognitive decline. When a person loses their hearing, they’re less likely to engage in social activities and more likely to feel lonely. From there, social isolation can lead to an increased risk of depression, dementia, and anxiety.

To many people, however, hearing loss seems like a superficial issue, akin to losing one’s hair or gaining weight. This widespread perception is likely why, when it comes to older adults with hearing loss, fewer than one in three wears a hearing aid.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t figured it out by now, hearing aids are not cheap. Even the most affordable options will run you a pretty penny. This makes it all the more important to do your research and take the time to find a hearing aid that suits your needs.

A quality hearing aid will do more than just restore your hearing. It will allow you to reconnect with the world around you. Between people and the sound of the birds in your neighborhood, the world is rife with beautiful noises. Only through rediscovering them can you live life to its fullest.

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Best Hearing Aids Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing aids can be purchased through either a hearing health provider or online. Regardless of the method you choose, it’s important that your provider administers a hearing evaluation in order to recommend the proper hearing device.

The ideal hearing aid will vary depending on the user; however, Eargo, Jabra Enhance, and MDHearingAid make some of the best devices on the market.

Sonova, the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, makes Costco’s Kirkland-brand hearing aids. Because of this, Kirkland hearing aids are a highly reputable option.

While there’s no universally accepted best hearing aid brand, our two favorite brands are Jabra and Eargo.

In America, hearing aid features are not regulated and standardized by the FDA, so there’s no objectively most advanced hearing aid. The most recent advancements in the industry include direct streaming of cell phone calls and connectivity with other smart devices.

Completely-in-canal hearing aids are the most discreet, and most hearing aid manufacturers offer several models in this style.

We’d advise you to stay away from hearing aids on Amazon and eBay; however, MDHearingAid and Jabra Enhance sell high-performing hearing aids for affordable prices. They also include lengthy warranties.

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