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Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Review

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The Senior List is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews.

Jabra Enhance hearing aids can be purchased online, making them a convenient choice compared to traditional hearing aids that require visits to the audiologist. In place of this in-person assistance, Jabra Enhance hearing aids come with three years of remote audiologist support.

All of this contributes to their range of hearing aids that cost under $2,000 per pair. Despite this low cost, Jabra Enhance hearing aids performed exceptionally well in our tests.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aid Pros and Cons


Affordable pricing: A pair of Jabra Enhance hearing aids costs as low as $1,195. This makes them one of the best cheap hearing aids currently available in the market.

Long risk-free trial: Jabra Enhance lets you try their hearing aids risk-free for a 100-day trial. If you’re not satisfied, you can return your devices for a refund.

Bluetooth capabilities: Through Jabra Enhance’s Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can stream audio and make adjustments from your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices.

Remote support: When I purchased a pair of Jabra Enhance hearing aids, I got remote access to their audiologists and hearing health professionals. This made it easy to adjust my settings and troubleshoot any issues.

3-year warranty: While other providers like MDHearingAid offer a 90-day warranty, Jabra Enhance hearing aids provide an impressively long three-year warranty, covering damage and manufacturer defects.

Rechargeable and battery-powered options: Jabra Enhance offers the both rechargeable and battery-powered hearing aids. With the rechargeable option, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of battery life per charge.


Only behind-the-ear design: While Jabra Enhance hearing aids are definitely on the smaller side, they still require a behind-the-ear component. While some people might not mind this, Eargo offers hearing aids with a nearly invisible design. To learn more about this brand, read my Eargo review.

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Purchasing Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids

Jabra Enhance hearing aids can be purchased through their website. To start, I’d recommend taking their online hearing exam. Alternatively, you can upload your audiogram results for immediate suggestions. Based on the results of your hearing exam, the hearing health professionals at Jabra Enhance will pre-program your hearing aids, meaning when they arrive on your doorstep, they’ll already be tailored to your particular hearing loss.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aid Costs

Unlike other companies, Jabra Enhance only offers three models:

  • Enhance Select 50 costs $1,195 for a pair and uses disposable batteries.
  • Enhance Select 100 costs $1,595 for a pair and uses rechargeable batteries.
  • Enhance Select 200 costs $1,995 for a pair and uses rechargeable batteries.


Jabra Enhance also offers affordable financing options. For instance, if you purchase the Enhance Select 50, you’ll pay as low as $39 per month. If you prefer monthly payments, you can check to see if you prequalify. Once you qualify, you can choose from a payment plan of six to 36 months.

The rechargeable Enhance Select 100 will include a portable charging case, and the Enhance Select 50 will include a year’s supply of batteries.

Depending on which device you choose, your purchase will include:

  • A pair of programmed Bluetooth hearing aids
  • A 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 3-year loss and damage protection
  • 3 years of follow-up care
  • Access to their free mobile app
  • 24/7 support from Jabra Enhance’s care team
  • Year supply of batteries (for battery-powered hearing aid option)
  • Charging case that holds three full charges (for rechargeable hearing aid option)

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aid Accessories

In addition to their hearing aids, Jabra Enhance also offers accessories including a TV Streamer, MultiMic, Android Phone Clip+, and a Charging Case.

TV Streamer: If you have difficulty hearing, but your partner doesn’t, then you might want to add the TV Streamer. This device sends audio straight to your hearing aids so you can enjoy better sound quality without turning up the remote control volume or figuring out a volume that works for you and your loved one. Price: $299

MultiMic: If you’re at a crowded place or a loud restaurant, sounds can become difficult to hear. The MultiMic is a portable and discreet microphone that automatically streams speech and other difficult-to-hear sounds to your ears. Price: $275

Charging Case: If you often lose your charging case, it’s helpful to always have a backup. This additional case keeps your hearing aids in a safe place and can hold three full charges. Price:$250

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Does Insurance Cover Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids?

We’d recommend checking in with your insurance provider to see if your hearing aids can be covered for the full or partial cost. You can also contact Jabra Enhance’s Care Team for additional assistance throughout the process. Keep in mind that Jabra Enhance also accepts both FSA and HSA payments.

To learn more about whether your insurance covers hearing aids, read our guide to hearing aids and insurance coverage.

FYI: Did you know that each three-hour charge gives you up to 30 hours of listening time for your Jabra Enhance rechargeable hearing aids?

Using My Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids

After unboxing my hearing aids from the Jabra Enhance Bundle, the first thing I noticed was how small and discreet they were. Even though they utilize a component that rests behind my ear, this would be hard for anyone to notice.

Additionally, I appreciated the overall sound performance of my Jabra Enhance hearing aids. To test them out, I took them to a variety of different sound environments. At the park, my hearing aids did a great job at allowing me to hear voices clearly without interference from the wind. At a coffee shop, I was impressed at how my hearing aids were able to hone in on the person I was speaking to and dull out surrounding conversations.

While watching television with my family, I noticed that the volume came in a bit uncomfortably loud; however, it was easy for me to fix this by using the Jabra Enhance smartphone app (more on this below).

Something else I appreciated about my Jabra Enhance hearing aids was the long-lasting battery life. From my tests, my hearing aids lasted just over two days before requiring a recharge. The included charging case can hold extra charges, which allowed me to charge my hearing aids on the go.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aid App

Available for a free download on iOS and Android devices, the Jabra Enhance mobile app provides easy access to some useful features:

  • Audio streaming: By pairing my hearing aids with the Jabra Enhance Select app, I could stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly from my iPhone. Since the audio quality of these aids is so good, I found this to be particularly useful.
  • Sound setting adjustments: While older hearing aids required you to manually adjust settings, I adjusted my Jabra Enhance hearing aids through the app, changing volumes, frequencies, and background noise reduction. I was able to easily customize my settings for my hearing aids directly from my smartphone.
  • Remote support: Through the app, I could make appointments with Jabra Enhance audiologists. They were able to better help me figure out how my hearing aids could best integrate into my life. I could also get the hearing aid support I need without spending hundreds of dollars.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aid Returns and Warranties

Jabra Enhance hearing aids come with a surprisingly long 100-day trial period, compared to other providers like Lexie hearing aids that offer shorter risk-free trials. During this time, you can return your hearing aids in their original condition for a complete refund. After this period, however, you’re unable to get a refund unless you get a written opinion from an otolaryngologist, stating that Jabra Enhance hearing aids are not helpful. This latter option must be done within a year.

In terms of a warranty, Jabra Enhance offers one of the most generous ones I’ve seen. On their hearing aids, Jabra Enhance offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and damage protection. In the event that your hearing aids stop working or experience damage, Jabra Enhance will cover the cost of repair. Additionally, in the event of you losing your hearing aids or damaging them beyond repair, Jabra Enhance will provide you with a new pair, and you only have to pay a $195 deductible. That said, this replacement can only be done once.

Are Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Worth It?

Through their combination of stellar sound quality, small profile, and excellent customer support, I think that Jabra Enhance hearing aids are some of the best you can buy. What’s more, they cost less than most hearing aids. Throw in Jabra Enhance’s generous return and warranty policy, and you have one of the best over-the-counter hearing aids on the market.

To learn more about hearing aids and which ones are right for you, be sure to check out my guide to the different types of hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Frequently Asked Questions

Jabra Enhance (formerly known as “Lively”) is a pretty reliable hearing aid brand, offering FDA-approved hearing devices. In our experience, they perform as well as many medical-grade hearing aids. Additionally, they have pretty solid ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are some of the best devices that you can buy directly without having to consult an audiologist or hearing health specialist. Additionally, they offer three-year warranties and damage protection on their devices.

No, Jabra Enhance hearing aids can be purchased directly through their website and fitted remotely.

In 2023, MDHearingAid, Jabra Enhance, Eargo, and Audicus are some of our favorite hearing aid brands; however, the right hearing aid will vary depending upon the person.

Through the Jabra Enhance smartphone app, you can utilize Jabra Enhance’s tinnitus programs, which can generate white noise through your aids, masking the noises of tinnitus.

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