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Best Home Security Systems for Seniors

Staying secure at home is a concern at any age – especially for seniors. Older adults often feel vulnerable at home and worry about intruders and break-ins. A home security system is an important investment, but one that’s absolutely worth making. Not all systems are created equal, especially when it comes to usability for the aging population. Here are a few of our favorites.

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The Senior List is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews.


Best GPS Medical Alert

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(855) 948-4702 .


Most Affordable Systems

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Best In-Home Systems

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As a senior, the life you enjoy is the fruit of a lifetime’s worth of hard work. With that said, seniors and their hard-earned wealth are frequently targeted by con artists and crooks, including brazen criminals who specialize in home invasions and burglaries.

While this group of people is particularly vulnerable to certain types of crime, you don’t need to be defenseless. Modern security systems are more effective than ever, and the extensive feature sets available through the most trusted brands can prevent crimes and get you help fast in the event that something does happen on your property.

But which security systems are the best, and which ones offer the most to seniors? That’s what we’re here to talk about today. Below, we’ll lay out your best bets for home security in your golden years.

The Best Home Security Systems for Senior

1. ADT Home Security - Best Overall Security


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(855) 948-4702

What We Like Most:

Quick Professional Installation

24/7 Monitoring

Customized Systems

Six-Month Trial Period


Seniors shouldn’t have to become experts in technology or home security just to protect themselves and the things they treasure. That’s why our list rewards home security systems that combine effective protection with professional installation and ease of use. In our view, no company meets these criteria as completely and as effectively as ADT.

2. Vivint - Best Smart Home Features


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What We Like Most:

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Ample Security Devices

Knowledgeable Customer


Smart Home Automation



Like ADT, Vivint offers professional installation. That’s a big deal for seniors, who need to know that their security system is set up properly, but who may not want to rig up a complex system themselves. Additionally, with Vivint, your secured home can also become fully automated with ease.

3. SimpliSafe - Most Affordable


What We Like Most:

Build Your Own Security System

Wide Range of Devices

No Contracts

DIY or Professional Installation


SimpliSafe’s products look as sleek and stylish as the newest iPad, but they’re tough, smart, and quick enough to get you help when you need it most. You’ll need to set up SimpliSafe yourself, but it won’t require you to play electrician or get a degree in computer science, as their systems are made to be installed with ease.

4. Frontpoint - Best Customer Service


What We Like Most:

Stellar Customer Care

Guided DIY Installation

Smartphone Monitoring App

Month-to-Month Contracts


Frontpoint uses smart devices to blanket your home in protective security. It requires you to set things up yourself, but the installation process isn’t too taxing. There’s no drilling or wiring involved and no manual programming.

5. Protect America - Best DIY Install


What We Like Most:

Simple DIY Installation

HD Video Capabilities

Customizable Systems

Affordable 24/7 Monitoring


If you’re open to setting up your own system, then you’ll find an impressive array of features and superior customer service in Protect America. Protect America also makes its solutions available at highly competitive prices.

6. Brinks Home Security - Best App Control


What We Like Most:

Google Assistant Functionality

DIY or Professional Installation

Smartphone App Control

30-Day Trial Period


Brinks is a brand that has long been synonymous with security. Their home security offerings feature smart devices, and the company demonstrated a superb level of customer service.

Why Do Seniors Need A Home Security

Investing in a home security system gives peace of mind to both seniors and their caregivers. The right home security system provides seniors with a sense of protection and helps to keep their homes safe. Many systems also include monitoring which makes it easy for seniors to get help any time day or night if there’s a problem.

Home security systems can also provide a deterrent to would-be burglars. The visibility of cameras, in particular, can often prevent home invasions. They also make it easier for seniors to manage their home security systems and see what is happening around their home.

Seniors can also use the system to check out legitimate visitors and makes sure they’re comfortable before opening the door. It all adds up to seniors feeling safer in their homes, which positively impacts their state of mind and quality of life.

What Types Of Home Security System Are

There are many types of home security systems, ranging from the most basic burglar alarms to full-featured systems that include motion detectors, security lights, and CCTV systems. Most systems at least include an alarm and some motion sensors. Some systems are monitored, while others are not. Some also include elements such as smart home control.

Home security systems come in two general categories: Hardwired or wireless. Hardwired systems, like those offered by ADT, are wired into the home power supply, which means they are harder to install and often require professional installation. This can push the price up.

However, they also mean you don’t have to worry about the system running out of power. Wireless systems, like those from SimpliSafe, work from batteries, which makes them easier to install. They’re suitable for most spaces, but you’ll want to make sure they have a backup power supply in the event of a power outage.

Because there are so many different types of systems available, we recommend shopping around and comparing several different systems before making a decision.

What To Look For In A Home Security System

For most seniors, ease of use is an absolute must. Some systems can be installed by a competent do-it-yourself kind of person, while others require professional installation. Whether you choose a DIY or professionally installed system, make sure it’s easy to use once it’s set up.

We also recommend choosing a system that has:

  • Movement sensors to pick up on movement in and around the home
  • Glass break sensors in case of break-ins through windows
  • Entryway sensors that let users know if a door or window is opened
  • Cameras that allow you to see who has entered your home

Some useful extras you might want to look for include:

  • Professional monitoring by the system provider so help is always at hand
  • Remote control so users can activate the system at the press of a button
  • Mobile alerts sent straight to a cell phone so users know immediately if there is a problem

Many home security systems include long term contracts. Although The Senior List is not usually keen on long term contracts, they’re often hard to avoid with home security systems. We recommend reviewing agreements with a fine-toothed comb. In the event that you wish to cancel your service, you’ll want to be sure that you don’t incur any exorbitant charges.

We also recommend making sure you can talk to a real person who will address your questions and concerns. Choosing a home security system is an important decision, and you want to be sure you’re getting the best system for your needs.

A company that makes it easy to talk to a real person, one who hears and addresses your concerns, is more likely to provide good customer service going forward. Behind every good home security system is a team of caregivers—both you and the professionals—who ensure that your home is protected.

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Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here