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T-Mobile Internet for Seniors: Reviews and Prices

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The Senior List is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews.

Widely known as one of the best cellular providers for seniors, T-Mobile now offers home internet service across the United States. Through its combination of high speeds, quick installation, and no long-term contracts, it’s one of our favorite providers overall.

While T-Mobile does not offer a senior discount or senior-specific plan, we think T-Mobile home internet is a great option for those who want affordable, simple, and reliable internet.

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T-Mobile Home Internet Pros and Cons

T-Mobile Pros

High speeds: While T-Mobile states that its speeds will vary from 25-100 Mbps, I experienced consistent download speeds closer to 100 Mbps. This is more than enough for streaming movies, gaming, and engaging in other heavy uses.

No long-term contracts: Unlike other providers, who often require two-year commitments –– not to mention subsequent price hikes –– T-Mobile allows you to cancel your service at any time without extra fees.

No equipment fees: Many internet providers charge extra to rent necessary equipment like routers and modems; however, T-Mobile includes all required equipment with your monthly costs.

No data caps: For heavier users, T-Mobile won’t throttle your internet speeds once you reach a certain threshold, allowing your service to remain consistent.

T-Mobile Cons

Location restrictions: A relative newcomer in the home internet realm, T-Mobile is not yet available everywhere. Additionally, while we had no issues with slower speeds, T-Mobile notes that some locations will have a slower connection.

No budget plan: Although $50 per month is relatively affordable, several internet providers like Xfinity internet offer deals at lower costs.

T-Mobile Home Internet Plans and Pricing

Viasat offers four different internet plans, with the primary differences between them being price, speeds, and high-speed limits.

While Viasat mostly offers the same plans throughout their coverage area, the pricing (and to some degree, speeds) will largely depend on where you’re located. To find out specific pricing in your area –– and whether or not Viasat covers your territory –– visit their website and plug in your ZIP code.

Plan Monthly Price Download Speeds High-Speed Limits Ideal for
T-Mobile Home Internet
Starting at $50 per month
25-100 Mbps
A user seeking affordable, high-speed internet service

How to Purchase T-Mobile Internet

To purchase T-Mobile home internet, go to their website and enter your ZIP code to check if service is available at your home address. While T-Mobile is rapidly expanding its service area, it’s not yet available everywhere.

Once you confirm that service is available in your area, you’ll enter your contact information. From there, a T-Mobile representative will walk you through the purchasing process and take your billing information.

Savings Tip: While T-Mobile advertises its internet service for $50 per month, this price reflects the amount you pay when enrolled in AutoPay, a service that automatically bills your credit card or checking account each month.


Once you’ve completed your transaction, T-Mobile will send you a Wi-Fi gateway device, which provides the connection throughout your home. We were pleased to find that this device came at no extra cost. Most providers will require you to rent a router for an additional monthly fee.

Once we received the Wi-Fi gateway, setting it up was as easy as plugging it in, syncing it with our T-Mobile app, and waiting about a minute for the connection to establish. Overall, the process was very simple and quick. The only caveat is that you’ll need a smartphone in order to set up your home internet.

T-Mobile Internet Speeds

When we spoke to a T-Mobile representative, he explained that their internet speeds vary with location, ranging from 25-100 Mbps. To put this in perspective, 25 Mbps is enough to stream high-definition movies without sacrificing quality. Higher speeds allow for multiple users to use the internet without interruption.

In our experience, our speeds were consistently around 100 Mbps, an impressive speed for the price. What’s more, T-Mobile doesn’t put limits on the amount of data you use. For example, Viasat internet will decrease your internet speeds after you reach a data threshold. However, T-Mobile keeps your speeds consistent regardless of how much data you use.

T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Spectrum

The best way to purchase Viasat high-speed internet is through their website, where you can check internet plan availability in your area. Simply enter your home address to find the plans offered where you live.

After selecting your plan, you’ll need to fill out your contact information and other details. When I selected Unlimited Bronze 12, the total came out to $49.99, plus the equipment lease fee of $12.99 per month. There was a disclaimer that said the price would increase to $69.99 after three months. Naturally, I’d have preferred that my internet price didn’t increase at all. However, I appreciated that they were honest about this, as many other providers bury this information in the fine print.

T-Mobile Spectrum
Starting Price
$50 per month
$49.99 per month
Price Increases
After the first year
25-100 Mbps
100 Mbps
Data Caps
Long-Term Contracts
Not required
Two-year minimum
Activation Fees
$9.99 (one-time)

In terms of pricing, both T-Mobile and Spectrum offer internet for about $50 per month; however, T-Mobile’s price is fixed while Spectrum’s will rise after the first year. Additionally, T-Mobile requires no long-term contracts, unlike T-Mobile.

On the other hand, Spectrum offers potentially higher speeds than T-Mobile, and they also offer bundled savings when you purchase a cable plan with them as well as internet.

Pro Tip: To learn more about Spectrum services, read our guide to Spectrum internet for seniors.

Bottom Line

What we appreciate most about T-Mobile internet is its transparency. The $50 per month covered everything we needed, and there were no hidden fees for equipment, installation, activation or overages. Setup, use, and payment were all seamless with T-Mobile.

While Xfinity, Cox, and AT&T all offer the potential for higher internet speeds, T-Mobile’s 25-100 Mbps is perfect for most people (unless you have several video gamers in your household). For these reasons, T-Mobile is one of our picks for the best internet for seniors.

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T-Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

While its speeds won’t exceed 100 Mbps, T-Mobile internet is overall reliable, speedy and affordable.

T-Mobile will not throttle your internet connection, and they have no data caps.

Your T-Mobile Wi-Fi gateway is set to your address, so you can’t move it to another location. With that said, you can transfer your service to a new home, provided this home has adequate coverage.

For one person, 25 Mbps is more than enough to stream 4K video in high definition. However, it won’t be enough for two people to do this task.

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